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Owl Class News (Year 5 & 6)

Week Beginning 10th June 2024

Owls did some amazing writing this week based on our book 'The chronicles of Narnia; The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe'. I was really impressed with the quality of work!


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Week Beginning 3rd June 2024

All the school did an amazing job for Sports Day this week and I was really impressed with the Year 6 Owl helpers! Owls did a great job in all the races well done!


Week Beginning 20th May 2024

Owls had an amazing time on their trip to Audley End House. They loved the house and seeing all the rooms and enjoyed learning what it was like to be a Victorian worker in the house!

Week Beginning 13th May 

Year 6 did an amazing job this week with their SATS and made me proud! Year 5s were really supportive and got on with their learning with Miss Stewart really well too! Well done Year 6!


Week Beginning 6th May

Owls did some amazing artwork based on Andy Warhol's pop art. They also wrote some amazing descriptions using comparative and descriptive language in English.

Week Beginning 22nd April 2024

Owls have had a great start to the Summer Term! We have finished our book 'Who let the Gods out' and have started our new class text 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe'. 

We are practicing for SATS in Maths and doing some extra reading practice too! We have started to learn about the Victorians in History and Andy Warhol in Art. We also researched weird and wonderful creatures for Earth Day. 

Spring Term 2!

Owls have had a great half term! PGL was a fantastic, fun -filled week. The kids were amazing and got involved with all the activities. I was so proud of them and we had a great week!


We have been learning about Perimeter and Area and Statistics in Maths. In English we have been continuing with the reading of 'Who Let the Gods Out'.

In DT, we have learnt about mechanical Cam toys and they made their own moving toy. We have celebrated Lent, Easter and we had communion with Reverend Claire. We were also lucky to have a visit from a one week old lamb called 'Patsy'. She loved having cuddles!

Week Beginning 12th February 2024

Owls have produced some amazing war battefield pictures in Art based on Paul Nash's style. They were only given a piece of paper, a rubber and a piece of charcoal. I was really impressed with how they used their fingers and the rubber to create light and dark tones.


They also thought about 'What is evil in the world' and played a good and evil game in RE. They had to decide what actions were good and evil.


In Science they thought about connections based on our materials learning and decided which scientific words connected and explained why.

Week Beginning 5th February 2024


Owls have produced some amazing work in History this week learning about the Greeks' achievements and what impact they have on us today. They have also created some thoughtful acrostic 'light' prayers after our assemblies this week.

Week Beginning 29th January 2024

Owls have been working hard this week in class continuing our class text 'Goodnight Mr Tom'. They did some good thinking about the relationship between Tom and Willie. 

The Year 5s received their Bibles from Reverend Claire in our assembly this week. They have been really enjoying their swimming lessons!

Week Beginning 15th January 2024


Owls have been learning how to round decimals and turn fractions into decimals. They played some games to help them practice these skills.

In Science they did some work on changes of states and recapped what solids, liquids and gases are.

Week Beginning 8th January 2024


Welcome to Spring Term and Happy New Year!

Owls have been busy this week. We have started our new class text ' Goodnight Mr Tom.' We have also started learning about Properties of Materials in Science. In maths, we are learning about decimals and percentages. We are learning all about Ancient Greece in history and we will be studying the artist 'Paul Nash' in Art.


They also thought about what they were 'reaching for' in 2024 and created some goals for the year.


Week beginning 18th December 2024

It has been such a busy term and these last few days have been filled with all things Christmas. We had the crib service and we made Christingles too!

Week Beginning 11th December 2023


The children did an amazing job with their concert performances this week and I am very proud of how well they did! The singing and narrating was amazing!

Week Beginning 27th November 2023

Owls did an amazing job of walking their buddies to the church for St Andrews' Day. They were very sensible and did some great research into St Andrew, which they read out in church.

Week Beginning 20th November 2023


Owls produced some amazing biome pictures in Geography. In RE they created their own Byzantine Icons and in History we learnt about Christopher Columbus and they did some really in depth thinking about whether he was a hero or a villian.

Week Beginning 6th November 2023

Owls have worked hard this week. We started our DT unit by designing and making a playground. In maths we have been learning how to compare and order fractions and how add and subtract fractions. In English we wrote a diary entry from Lily ( character from our class text - Cogheart). Owls wrote some lovely, heartfelt poems for our Rememberance service too.


Week beginning 30th October 

Owls have started the new half term well! We have begun our maths work on fractions and we have started our class text 'Cogheart'. In history we have started learning about Explorers and we are learning about Biomes in Geography. In Computing we are continuing with our Communication unit. This week we learnt about data packets.

Week Beginning 16th October 2023

Owls have finished off this half term producing some great writing based on our class text 'Beowulf'. We have been learning how to multiply and divide numbers in Maths. They really enjoyed a visit from the Cambridge Science Museum and learnt lots about ecosystems.

Week Beginning 18th September


Week Beginning 11th September 2023

Owls really enjoyed having the Shakespeare company in school. They did some amazing acting and listening to the story Macbeth. We had been studying this in class so it was great to see it in action!

Owls also really enjoyed reading to their Reception Buddies and it was lovely to see them being great role models. The little Otters really enjoyed showing them their outdoor learning area.

Welcome to the New School Year!!!


Owls have settled in so well this week already. It is a big class but the Year 5s have started to get to know the Year 6s better already and reunite from when they were together in foxes! We have talked about expectations in class and recapped our school values. We have been getting our equipment and resources sorted too. We have enjoyed some practical place value learning in maths. They enjoyed PE on Wednesday despite the heat and we have started our learning on expressionism in art. Well done Owls!

19 June 2023


Owls have had a great week. The year 5s enjoyed visiting Hedingham for their taster day. They have produced some amazing art work in our Spirited Art lessons. They have also been enjoying playing cricket outside with Tom the PE coach.


12th June 2023

Owls enjoyed making bread and cooking it over the fire in Bakers Wood this week. It was a great afternoon!

5th June 2023


Welcome to the last half term of the Year. It is going to be a busy one! I was really impressed with some amazing poetry this week and the children did really well with their WWII projects!

22nd May 2023

Owls finished off this half term with some amazing emotional speeches based on our book Wonder. They also did some great paintings of Albert Drurer's praying hands.

15th May 2023

Owls have been learning about the Second World War this week and did some wonderful letters and diary entries from an evacuee. They really captured the feelings of an evacuee at the time. They had a great time at Duxford and learnt lots!


8th May 2023


Year 6 worked so hard with their SATS. I was so proud of them and how they applied themselves! The class did lots of Art in SATS week and I was really impressed with their different ways of painting and drawing the Mona Lisa by Da Vinci.

Monday 24th April 2023


Owls had a great time at Wethersfield this week experiencing the simulator and learning about WW1. They really enjoyed their afternoon with the other two schools!

Week Beginning Monday 20th March 2023


Owls had a fantastic morning watching 'A Midsummers Night Dream' performed by the Shakespeare company. We welcomed St Peters School, St Giles and Wethersfield too! 

Week Beginning Monday 13th March

Owls had a fantastic trip to the Cambridge Mosque. They really enjoyed learning about how Muslims worship and seeing the beautiful mosque and botanical gardens. 

Week Beginning 6th March 2023

 Week Beginning Monday 20th and 27th February 2023

Owls have had a great start to the new half term. We have started reading Anne Frank's Diary and we are learning about the Early Islamic Civilisation in History. In Maths we are finishing our Fractions, Decimals and Percentages learning.


The children have had two visits so far from Delana, who is teaching them about Religion around the world. They have visited Australia and North India so far!


We have been practicing our French speaking skills in class too!