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Fox Class News (Year 3 & 4)

24/05/24- Fox Class were very lucky today to be visited by a real life Vet, to help us with our topic of ‘Animals’ in Science. Gina the Vet talked to us about being a responsible pet owner, showed us some X-Rays to help us learn about skeleton structures and she brought some stethoscopes for us to try with each other! Gina even brought in a real life Guinea pig, to help us practice how to be responsible pet owners.

17/05/24- We have loved starting our topic of ‘money’ this week in Maths. We have been recognising coins, making amounts using different coins and finding change!

13/05/24- After reflecting on our Earth day assembly, we conducted some research on the parts of nature we noticed outside and found out why it is so important to protect! We made information leaflets aimed at KS1 and even got to go and present them to the classes. We used our presenting voices and made sure we were clear and informative. We hope our leaflets inspired KS1!

09/05/24- Loving our lunchtime activities in the sunshine!

07/05/24- We have been thinking about Earth day in assembly this week. When reflecting on assembly, we decided to take our learning outside and try to appreciate parts of nature that we might not have noticed before.

26/04/24- In our History, we have been learning about the Anglo-Saxons! Today we had a go at drawing some.

15/04/24- Foxes have absolutely loved working on their teamwork skills in PE.

28/03/24- Fox Class were very lucky to have an Easter visitor today! We all got to have a cuddle and learn how to look after the lamb!

21/03/24- After designing our own dips in DT, we made some of our own! We made Greek tzatziki with Robin class and all had a go at preparing the different ingredients. We worked well as a group at discussing the different methods and how we should season the dip. We all got to try some and most of us liked it and took some home!

15/03/24- To celebrate Red Nose Day, we had a non uniform day and got to decorate red nose themed biscuits at lunch! Look at some of our amazing creations!

12/03/24- We loved welcoming Squirrels from St Giles and Swifts from Wethersfield today to join us at a Science workshop. We learnt how to make land yachts and even got to race them!

11/03/24- For our DT topic of ‘Dips’, we thought it was essential that we tried a range of dips before we looked into their ingredients and how to make our own. We all got to try ones we hadn’t tried before and some of us found a new favourite!

27/02/24- As we have started our fractions topic in Maths, we have been finding amounts in a group.

12/02/24- As it is Shrove Tuesday this week, we have been thinking about temptation and what it means, as Jesus had to resist temptation in the desert! Miss Elvin tempted us with some sweets and we had to resist the urge to eat them during the lesson. Some of us managed it, but others found it tricky to resist temptation!

08/02/24- We wanted to find out how far 1000m was, so we decided to get some meter rulers and go on an adventure! We found out that from our classroom to the hall, and around the hall in a square 4 times is 94m. This means 1000m is really far!

01/02/24- We have started our topic of measuring in Maths and are having lots of fun getting to find measurements of some classroom items!

24/01/24- Based on our class text, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, we have been looking at newspaper articles and getting ready to write our own. Looking at examples is a great way to find features and get ideas!

19/01/24- We have all been working so hard this week on dividing 2 digit and 3 digit numbers by a 1 digit number. We love using our Maths equipment to help us and we have been doing great at working together to find the answer when things get tricky.

15/01/24- In Music this week, Foxes were thinking about musical families and created a beautiful piece of music, conducted amazingly too.

08/01/24- We began our first day of Spring term by thinking about our aims and goals for 2024. We all agreed to ‘reach for the stars’ and aim high! It will be brilliant to look back on these at the end of the year and see what we achieved.

20/12/23- Part of our Christingle service. All of the children were very sensible and the hall looked beautiful with all of the Christingles lighting the room.

Still image for this video

20/12/23- Finishing our Autumn term with a beautiful Christingle service, led by Rev. Claire.

19/12/23- One of the best parts of the countdown to Christmas... Mrs Park’s famous Christmas dinner! Everybody enjoyed it, even the teachers!

15/12/23- We had SO much fun on our annual trip to the pantomime (oh no we didn’t... oh yes we did!) Everybody was beautifully behaved and enjoyed the show thoroughly.

12/12/23- I am super proud of everyone after our KS2 Christmas concert this week. You all did amazingly and it sounded beautiful. Well done Foxes and Owls! :)

04/12/23- Some of used the snow in our tuff tray to create a volcano- a great way of reminding ourselves of last half term’s Geography topic and remembering the structure of a volcano!

30/11/23- Carrying on with our DT topic of pneumatics, we made planes that were powered by actual air! We worked together as a team and found that the bigger we blew up the balloon, the faster and the further the plane would travel.

30/11/23- Marking St Andrew’s day with a service in Church. We wrote some lovely prayers and poems that we read out to everyone.

28/11/23- We have loved using practical equipment in our Maths. We are working hard on using Mathematical language when comparing different statements.

16/11/23- In DT, we made some pneumatic straw rockets! We loved testing them out and experimenting with how we could get them to go further. Mable found that if she made the tip of her rocket really pointy and tight, it went much further.

13/11/23- Taking part in a very special BBC live lesson in aid of ‘Anti-Bullying Week 2023’. We learnt lots and even got to send messages to other schools!

10/11/23- Some lovely pieces of artwork done by members of Fox Class to take to Church tomorrow for our Remembrance service.

08/11/23- Fox Class recieved an exciting letter in the post today- a letter from the new King and Queen! They thanked us for our lovely letters we sent in the Summer term. What a lovely surprise!

02/11/23- We have really enjoyed creating some beautiful pieces of artwork around Fireworks night. We practiced our control and precision with our chalks to try and get some lovely details in our pictures.

31/10/23- Getting practical with our multiplication learning!

18/10/23- Creating our own photos of our school in the style of LS Lowry

11/10/23- Thank you to everyone who donated something for our Harvest Festival.

10/10/23- Our amazing trip to Layer Marney Tower. We had the best day and learnt so many new things. It was lovely to be able to go with the Year 3/4 classes from St Giles and Wethersfield too, so we made new friends as well as learning new things about the Tudors for our History topic.

03/10/23- Fox Class have really enjoyed looking at the paintings of LS Lowry and recreating some of his most famous works!

25/09/23- Taking our learning outside to make some Roman numerals!

21/09/23- Assembly this week has been about being a positive light, so we decided to spread our positive light around the school community! We really enjoyed writing positive messages and handing them out.

20/09/23- Playing games in French to help us learn new vocabulary!

15/09/23- Getting used to using the interactive whiteboard to help us with Maths!

14/09/23- We have been looking at continuous patterns and spirals in assembly, so wanted to give it a go for ourselves!

11/09/23- We love working together in a groups to solve tasks and problems

08/09/23- Getting practical with our place value knowledge!

06/09/23- Working in groups in Music, learning about beat and pulse

05/09/23- Welcome to the new Fox Class for 2023/2024!

21/07/23- End of term celebrations! Wishing everyone a relaxing summer holiday.

11/07/23- Foxes have enjoyed completing their final Art pieces ready to show everyone at Open evening!

21/06/23- We have had lots of fun this week making our own Maths games! We have included lots of aspects of our Maths, such as money and fractions. Some of us made new versions of games such as Monopoly and others made up a brand new game.

07/06/2023- We have had a lovely day today at the River Stour Educational Trust Centre. First we went pond dipping to find new and exciting creatures. We were able to identify lots of life within the river! We also went on a boat ride and were able to operate the lock too. We then had a quiz where we had to search for features around the site. We practiced water safety and working as a team. A great day in the sunshine!

25/05/23- Thinking about Mrs Nichols’ assembly all about what we are going to aspire to be when we grow up, we have been thinking about the skills we need to help us and how we can apply these to our learning today.

05/05/2023- Celebrating King Charles III’s coronation! We had a brilliant day, full of party games, royal activities and a feast fit for a king! We even wrote the King a letter to congratulate him on his special day.

05/05/2023- Celebrating the coronation at Forest school.

21/04/2023- We have been thinking about resilience in class and how to keep going and never give up when things get tricky. We practiced this important skill with a card tower! It was super tricky, but lots of us didn’t give up and even made quite a tall tower.

23/03/2023- Forest school was particularly muddy today, but we showed some amazing teamwork skills!

10/03/2023- Snow, in March!!

20/02/2023- We have had some lovely sessions with Delana from the Christian Youth Outreach group. She has been coming in to teach us all about Jesus ‘a-cross the world’. We have had the opportunity to learn about Christianity within different cultures, make a cross to symbolise this and try new food too! We have absolutely loved these sessions.

06/02/2023- We are really enjoying Forest School this term!

31/01/23- We joined our friends in Squirrel Class at St Giles and went on a trip to Gainsborough House. We enjoyed seeing all of beautiful portraits and we learnt lots about how they were made, which we will be applying in our Art lessons. Can you recognise anyone in some of the portraits? We think some of them look familiar!